Afraid of ISIS attacks and threats, Hindu-Sikhs of Afghanistan forced to leave the country

The Hindu and Sikh communities in Afghanistan have been forced to leave the country fearing attacks and threats from the ISIS terrorist organization. The population of Hindu and Sikh communities in this country was more than 2,50,000, which has reduced to 700 at this time. Due to deep prejudice with the Sikhs and Hindus in this Muslim-dominated country, their number of members is continuously decreasing.

Hindu-Sikhs can leave Afghanistan completely
People in the Hindu and Sikh communities say that if they do not get enough protection from the government, they may have to flee completely due to attacks by IS. A minority, who did not reveal their full names due to fear, said that we are no longer able to stay here.

25 Sikhs were killed in IS attack
He said that seven of his relatives were killed in an attack on his community’s temple in March. 25 Sikhs were killed in this attack. He said that leaving his motherland is as difficult as leaving his mother. Despite this, he remained part of the Hindu-Sikh group that visited India last month.

Hindus and Sikhs worship at the same temple
Though Sikhs and Hindus are two different religions, but due to fear that their number will be very low in Afghanistan, they all congregate in a small temple and worship according to their religion. A minority alleged that their community has faced widespread discrimination in this conservative Muslim country and that almost every government has been threatening them in its own way.

Hindu temples destroyed in Kabul
Due to the confiscation of the houses of all the people of these communities, such people are forced to leave the country completely. Temples of Hindus in Kabul were also destroyed during the fighting between rival groups in Afghanistan during 1992–96. During that time too many Hindu and Sikh Afghans had to leave the country.


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