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Dhaka/UNI: Bangladesh Hindu-Christian Buddhist Jatiya Oikya Parishad has urged the government to ensure its safety in the wake of unabated communal violence against religious-ethnic minorities.

The attackers have been identified as leaders and activists of the ruling party Awami League as well as Jamaat-e-Islami, the Parishad said in a release.

It has shown the picture of 7 months of communal terror from last March to September.

Highlighting the picture, Advocate Rana Dasgupta, general secretary of the Parishad, said in a statement that communal violence has become a daily occurrence in the nation.

Its main goal is to intimidate religious and ethnic minorities and force them to leave and make the country free of minorities. This heinous conspiracy of the communal elite of the Pakistani period continues in independent Bangladesh as well, it said.

The statement called on the government and democratic political parties and forces to take the matter seriously.

The government has been urged to take immediate steps to enact the ‘Minority Protection Act’ promised by the ruling party before the last elections. 

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