Bangladesh was born in exchange of bloods of all communities: Hasan

Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud today said that Bangladesh was born in exchange of bloods of all communities, including Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Christians, urging all to maintain communal harmony.

“Bangladesh was born with a green flag inlaid with a red sun. Our Bangladesh is just as beautiful today as we Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Christians are beautiful,” Hasan said.

He said when it comes to maintaining communal harmony Rangunia looks excellent in the district.

“We came out of the communal state system of Pakistan with the aim of getting rid of the poison of communalism forever. So there is no place for communalism on this soil of Bangladesh. Those who spread the poison of communalism are in fact the enemies of humanity and Bangladesh.” the information minister said.

He was speaking as the chief guest at a view-exchange meeting with leaders of all religions, held at the Rangunia Upazila Parishad auditorium this afternoon.


Upazila Nirbahi Officer Masudur Rahman presided over the function while former Vice Chairman of Buddhist Religious Welfare Trust Swajan Kumar Talukder Barua, General Secretary of Chattogram North District Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jamaat Hafez Maulana Ruhul Amin Alkaderi, President of Rangunia Sangharaj Bhikkhu Samiti Dharmasen Mahasthavir, President of Rangunia Budu Christi Prachar Sangha, Gyanbansha Mahather, Principal of Syedbari Dharmaprabratna Bihar Paramananda, Hindu priests Sujan Chakraborty and Asim Chakraborty, chief of Chattogram and Hill Tracts Charge Association, Sahakhariya Bairagi, Peerzada Maulana Golamur Rahman Ashraf Shah of Betagi Astana Sharif of Rangunia Maolana Abul Boyan, Upazila AL Vice Chairman Shafiqul Islam, its General Secretary Engineer Shamsul Alam Talukder, among others, addressed it.

At the meeting, the religious leaders said that people of all religions have been living together in Rangunia for centuries as a bridge of harmony. That trend will continue in the future, they hoped.

Hasan, also joint general secretary of Awami League, said “Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is a non-communal person and under her leadership we have learned how to nurture secularism and how to live together as Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Christians.”

He continued “In my village Sukhbilas, there are Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians as well as Chakmas and Marmaras. The way we have lived together for centuries is an example for the whole of Bangladesh.”

He said that attempts were made to create instability in Bangladesh through social media from home and abroad.

Hasan said “When the opponents of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina failed to deal politically with her, they took shelter to Facebook and YouTube to serve their ulterior motive.”

The information minister said to Awami League our first identity is Bengali, followed by religious identity.

This is the difference between those who belong to AL and those who belong to BNP-Jamaat, he added.

“I request all to maintain communal harmony. We must all be on guard against any evil force.” he added.

“A few days ago, the government allocated TK one crore for Rangunia, then I paid TK 40 lakh from there for the temples, monasteries and places of worship,” Hasan said.

“Huge work has also been done for Islam in Rangunia upazila. One new mosque has been built in each union. Mosque-based maktabs have been set up. Buildings have been constructed in each madrasa. Special funds have been allocated for the development of Hindu religious temples and Buddhist monasteries in the upazila,” he added.

Citing the example of communal harmony, the information minister said, “When I went to Dhaka as a student, I lived in Kamalapur Buddhist Monastery.”

“The house of the late Gurubhante Suddhananda Mahathero is in our village. I respected him like a father, he loved me like a child,” Hasan said.

“By the grace of the Almighty Allah, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has made me a state minister once, a cabinet minister twice, and has given me important responsibilities. But I can’t forget the people who have given me affection. One of them is Suddhananda Mahathir,” he said.

He said that Maolana Abdur Rahman was my teacher, he taught me for ten years.


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