Ethnic minority artistes celebrate culture

Ethnic minority artistes render song, left, and perform a traditional dance recital at a virtual programme organised by Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy on Thursday.

Artistes from different ethnic minority communities gave the audience a glimpse into their unique culture and tradition at a virtual programme held on Thursday.

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy arranged the event under its ‘Art Against Corona’ initiative. The programme was streamed live on the Facebook page of the academy.

Artistes from the Chakma, Tripura, Marma, Bawm and other ethnic minority communities living in Rangamati, Bandarban and Khagrachari districts under the Chattogram division participated in the programme from their homes. They presented songs, poems and performed traditional dance recitals.

Artistes namely Tanusri Manji, Jacklin Tanchangya, Riya Chakma, Anusri Chakma, Namrata Khisha, Janesh Chakma, Bawm Ram Amai, Urmi Tripura, Ukhyi Marma, Tisa Dewan Chakma and others performed at the programme.

Tanusri Manji commenced the event reciting a poem, ‘Desha Uchi Uchi Paharma Mithu Mithu Haowa’, in Gurkha language. The poem, penned by Manaj Bahadur, portrays the relationship between nature and humans. She later recited a poem in Chamka language titled ‘Coch Pan’.

Jacklin Tanchangya from Kaptai upazila of Rangamati district sang a patriotic song in Tanchangya language titled ‘Heyan amar desh tagar desh’.

Riya Chakma from Khagrachari performed a traditional dance synchronised with the monsoon song in Chakma language ‘E-lo E-lo Bari Jai’.

Namrata Khisha and Janesh Chakma from Rangamati performed a traditional duet dance recital with the song ‘Shrabon magho mono’ which portrays the transformation of nature during the monsoon.

Bawm Ram Amai from Bandarban sang a self- penned song in Bawm language titled ‘Owm Siro’.

Besides, Urmi Tripura sang ‘Kha Pi Khatani Ghumi Jaa, Tisa Dewan Chakma rendered ‘Monghorat Chorabar’ and Anusri Chakma presented a traditional dance recital.

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy director general Liaquat Ali Lucky delivered the welcome speech at the programme.

‘Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy is committed to promoting the rich and diverse culture of the people living across the country. The ethnic minority communities have made significant contribution in 1971 during the war of independence. The academy will soon open a division dedicated to promoting the unique culture and tradition of the people of the different ethnic minority communities of our country,’ said Liaquat Ali Lucky.

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