Fact check of A Photo of 2013 Rally in Bangladesh Passed Off as Muslims in Kerala

An old photograph from a protest that happened in Dhaka in 2013 is going viral as the photo of an incident in Kerala involving Muslims.

The message being shared with the photo says, “सोचिए इस तरह की भीड़ आपके इलाके सोसायटी कॉलोनी पर बिल्कुल ऐसे ही पहुंच जाएं तो आपके पास इन के स्वागत का इंतजाम की व्यवस्था है या नहीं यह दृश्य केरल का है”

(Translation: “Think, if this kind of a crowd reaches your area like this, do you have the means to welcome them or not, this is from Kerala.”

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