Former major exiled from Bangladesh spits poison against India and threatens Hindu population]| Former Bangladeshi exiled major spits poison at India, threatens Hindu population

Calcutta: Live video footage of the recently exiled ex-Major Delaware Hussain on social media has caused a stir. People reacted strongly to his anti-Hindu rhetoric.

Islamic fundamentalist
Delawar Hussain openly threatened the Hindu population living in Bangladesh as an Islamic fundamentalist. He called for the overthrow of 15-20 lakh Hindus from the country of Bangladesh to provide more employment opportunities for young Muslims. Taking an oath in the name of Allah, he said 15 to 20 lakh jobs will be released after the expulsion of the targeted people from the country.

Hussain lives abroad
According to some reports, Hussain lives abroad and has links with the opposition alliance BNP-JEL (Jamaat-e-Islami). Little information is available on the former public sector major, but it is clear that he is trying to capitalize on anti-Hindu sentiments to enter Bangladesh’s political scene.

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33 minute video
The former major, in his 33-minute video, spitting venom at Hindus, said, “I urge you all to prepare a list of ‘Indians living in Bangladesh’ or ‘Bangladeshis loving India’. I will soon be developing a website where you can all send these names in secret. I will give the list of names to the Bangladeshi police and army. Soon a time will come when these Hindus will be sent back to India.

Thousands of comments on facebook
Thousands of comments have been made on this Hussain video on Facebook alone and it has also been shared over 1,700 times. This video is going viral on social networks. Describing Indian citizens as the real enemies of Bangladesh, he also referred to Bangladeshi industrialists. He said that industrialists are humble, who respect Indians and give them jobs.

Strict towards Indians
Encouraging radical Islamic sentiments, Husain asked the question, “These industrialists believe that without the Indians they could not do business in Bangladesh. I want to ask if the Indians have developed their business? Have they developed their own business. So why this gentle attitude towards Indians?

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Return to Indians: Hussain
Hussain said if these businessmen don’t change their attitude, they should give free rein to their operations. He said, “Enough has happened, the poor in Bangladesh have been filled with anger. They have no food to eat. Therefore, dismiss these Indians and appoint educated Bangladeshis to these posts.

“ Anti-national ” media organization
Hussain called a section of media organizations “anti-national” and called them “dangerous”. Hussain said that many “patriotic” journalists have left the country because of their Islamic inclination. He also appointed Bangladeshis. Hussain has targeted the section of the Bangladeshi media which has a positive image of the neighboring nation. He demanded that all journalists in exile be returned to Bangladesh and that they be responsible for dealing with the work of the media in the country. Apart from this, Hussain also urged the people of Bangladesh to boycott liberal media organizations. (IANS entry)

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