Hindu man found hanging with limbs tied up, Pakistan police call it suicide

Attacks on religious minorities in Pakistan have claimed several lives so far. In yet another gruesome incident, a Hindu man named Goyio Meghwar was found dead in Nazam Abad, Karachi, Pakistan. According to Pakistani activist Rahat Austin, the body of the Hindu man was found hanging with his hands and legs tied from behind.

The Karachi police have reportedly called it a case of suicide. The activist also reveals that Goyio Meghwar’s dead body was hurriedly buried without even a post mortem being conducted on it. The man was found dead at his place of work.

The activist wonders here that how can a person hang himself with his limbs tied up from behind? Austin informed further that the deceased man’s body was buried without even a post mortem examination.

Persecuted Hindus forced to accept Islam to survive in Pakistan

Pakistani Hindus are known to be one of the most badly persecuted minority communities in the world. They have been the victim of systemic discrimination and forced conversions for years in the Islamic country Pakistan, with the Imran Khan government doing little to help them. Left with no choice, the Hindus in Pakistan are accepting Islam so that they can survive in the country.

Last month it was reported how, the Hindu minorities, in their desperation to survive, are being forced to accept Islam. The report mentioned that many Hindus have become Muslims in hope that they will get money and dignity to survive in the Islamic state of Pakistan.

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