Hindu students coming from Pakistan-Bangladesh will get better education in India, problems will be removed on priority basis

The hope of getting a good education and a better future has increased in the minds of children from minority families who have come to India after being harassed from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Because the National Child Rights Protection Commission (NCPCR) has announced the creation of a help desk at the national level, with the help of which the complaints received by the Commission on behalf of all these children can be resolved promptly on priority basis. The Commission believes that there has been a rapid positive change in this direction after the introduction of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in the country in 2019. The commission has also intensified its activities, so that these children will get basic education and other necessary rights at the earliest. <! –


Hope in children

Priyank Kanungo, president of NCPCR, said that after the formation of CAA law, the initiative of the Commission to create a National Help Desk for these children has raised a hope in the minds of the children of families coming to India from these three countries and their confidence in their future. Increased. Earlier, he was always in a state of chaos. In which they did not know what to do next in life. Will the school be enrolled in college or not? But now they know that they not only have the statutory right to live in the country. But there is also a way to make your dreams come true.

Appeal for cooperation from statesThe Commission has been active in this matter for a long time. In which a national workshop was also organized on this subject in the coronary period. According to the figures, there are about 2 million minority families in the country. Their population is mostly in Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Gujarat. The Commission has recommended to all the states that such needy children should be given education and other necessary rights as per the provisions of the United Nations and the country at the earliest.

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