Hindus protest against persecution of Pakistani Hindus

Activists from the Hindu Community in Nepal protested outside the Pakistan Embassy in Kathmandu against the atrocities committed against Pakistani Hindus. The protesters carried placards and burnt an effigy of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. They demanded the construction of the Shri Krishna temple in Islamabad, which was halted after its boundary walls were demolished by rabid Islamic fanatics.

Vinay Yadav, the lead demonstrator of Rastriya Ekata Abhiyan, said, “We condemn the Pakistan government’s actions as it is violating the basic human rights of a citizen. By holing this protest, we demand Pakistan allow the continuation of the construction of Krishna temple.” Campaign coordinator Binoy Kumar said, “The Hindu minority in Pakistan is still being oppressed by the government.”

He added, “The government is committing another major crime by not allowing the construction of Hindu temples and monasteries.” Slogans such as “Stop the oppression of Hindus and “Temples and monasteries must be built in Islamabad” were raised by the protesters that had gathered.

Islamabad temple controversy

Islamists in Pakistan had recently opposed the construction of Shri Krishna temple in Islamabad, the country’s capital. A fatwa was also issued against its construction. Other than the fatwa, a petition was also filed in the Islamabad High Court against the construction of the temple. Later, the boundary wall which was constructed was demolished by an Islamist who has taken a vow that he will never let a Hindu temple be constructed there. Eventually, the Hindu Panchayat decided against constructing of the temple.

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