In spite of opposition, Hindus in Pakistan continue with the construction of temple

Bengaluru: Is it a crime being a Hindu in Pakistan? Well, as a proposal to build a Hindu temple in the country has gained steam, criticisms (fatwas and threats by Islamists) continue to teem in. 

But there are news reports that suggest that the tiny minority Hindu community in the country refuses to bog down to the pressure and is continuing with the construction of the temple. 

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Despite these threats national assembly member Lal Chand Malhi has assured that the work on the temple is continuing in full swing, a website added. 

“The Hindu community in Islamabad has been demanding a temple for a long time now. The population has also increased while many Hindu temple structures in the capital have been abandoned,” Lal Chand Malhi, Parliamentary Secy, Human Rights had said. 

The land was given by Pakistan government measuring 20,000 square feet. 


Earlier, it was quoted that Assembly Speaker Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi from Pakistan’s Punjab province on Wednesday making a shocking remark against the construction of the temple claiming that Pakistan was created in the name of Islam and construction of a new temple was not only against the spirit of Islam but also an insult to the ‘Madina Riayasat’, a reference to the Islamic welfare state that Pakistan aspires to be. 

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“Pakistan was made in the name of Islam and building another Hindu temple in the capital is against the soul of Islam,” Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, Speaker had said. 

The Islamic country is known to humiliate, subjugate and terrorise its minorities – especially Hindus – as they struggle to put things together. 

Fortunately, the world is taking note of such inhumane treatment. 

Mike Pompeo, US secretary of State, has always condemned Pakistan for not protecting the religious freedom of its minorities. 

He had said, “We condemn terrorists and violent extremists who target religious minority Hindus in Pakistan. We condemn blasphemy and apostasy laws that criminalise matters of the soul. Defending the right of all people to live their lives according to their conscience is one of this administration’s top priorities.”


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