India’s Thin Skin Is Stretched – From Tanishq to Bangladesh

The Mighty Tatas Should Have Known Better

But again, as every victim of troll abuse knows, it tends to pass over after a few hours or days. No, not because those brutes feel guilty or are penitent. It’s just that another juicy target appears, and the termites swerve their poison darts elsewhere, leaving you wounded and semi-conscious. Slowly, you emerge from an acutely painful haze, and begin to breathe again. Ask any victim of a troll attack, and s/he will confirm this horrible playbook.

So the mighty Tatas should have known better. They have survived a million upheavals over their 154 years of existence. They employ almost a million people. They are the salt of India. Their companies shovel nearly USD 125 billion in revenues every year. Just one crown jewel, TCS, is worth ten trillion rupees. The Tatas have been the epitome of corporate ethics, human values, and empowerment, their founders coming from the tiniest ethnic and religious minority of India. If anybody could have stood up to the trolls, it’s them. If anybody could line up a battery of lawyers to prosecute the devil until the day of reckoning, it’s them. If anybody could prod the State to act against the villains, it’s them. If anybody could deploy security guards and defend their stores, it’s them. But they keeled over, threw in the towel, emboldening the trolls, perhaps immeasurably.

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