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Ayodhya: Mahant Paramhans Das of the ascetic camp has sat on fast unto death from today. Paramahamsa Das is demanding a fast unto death to declare India as a Hindu nation. Also, they demand that citizenship of Muslims be abolished. Not only this, Paramhans Das has also demanded to send Muslims to Pakistan-Bangladesh and to bring Hindus of Pakistan-Bangladesh back to India. Paramahansa Das has also fasted for Ram Janmabhoomi for several days.

Who is Paramhansa Das
Paramhans Das is a resident of Ayodhya. He is the Mahant of the ascetic camp. He has often been in discussion about his statements on minorities. In October 2018, Saint Paramahamsa fasted for several days for Ram Janmabhoomi. On 1 October 2018, he sat on a dharna after sacrificing food grains. Many times an attempt was made to convince him on behalf of the administration, but the matter was not made. After this, the police forcefully picked them up on the seventh day of the fast citing illness.

By announcing the fast-unto-death, the government had woken up to the administration’s sleep, due to which the administration was very upset and tried to convince them to end their picket in any way. Many times the administrative staff also tried to persuade him a lot but the matter did not work, and today when the minister in charge of Faizabad, Satish Mahana came when he too failed to convince him, after his departure, Mr. Paramahansa was forced by the police to pickup the sick from the site Was lifted and admitted to PGI. From where Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath called him at his residence and finished the fast by drinking juice.

Announced to commit self-immolation by making pyre
After this, Paramhansa Das announced Babar ideology demolition Mahayagya at the ascetic cantonment temple. On December 6, at 12 noon, he was firm on his decision to commit self-immolation. Angry Mahant Paramhans Das had announced to commit self-immolation due to no decision on the demand for construction of Ram temple. But two days before this, Paramhans was arrested by the police. He was produced in the CGM court, from where the CJM sent him to jail on a 14-day judicial remand.

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