Minor Hindu girl abducted, converted to Islam and married off to kidnapper in Pakistan | Indiablooms

Islamabad: Torture on minorities in Pakistan continues even as the coutry is busy fighting COVID-19 infection. Yet another girl from the minority Hindu community was abducted for marriage.

In a latest episode of injustice to minorities in the south Asian country, a minor Hindu girl has been abducted from Pakistan’s Sindh province, converted to Islam and married off to her kidnapper, media reports said.

The minor named Reshaman from Jacobabad in Sindh who was kidnapped and converted to Islam was married off to her abductor Wazir Hussain on June 18, reports ANI news agency.

Like in many other similar incidents, this girl has also  submitted an affidavit claiming to be 19-years-old and having converted to Islam on her own free will.

According to the affidavit, Reshaman’s new Muslim name is Basheeran, reports ANI.

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