Minority Hostel Collapses In Bihar’s Munger Amid Heavy Rain, No Causalities Reported

Poor Construction Quality

The hostel, called Maulana Minnatulla Rehmani Boys Hostel, was built in 2004 by the Minority Welfare Department of Bihar with the Department of Building Construction. In just 16 years, the hostel mess and the common hall area fell into pieces.

Heavy rain and the 2015 Nepal-centric earthquake are cited as some of the reasons behind the incident, as the already dilapidated building was never repaired.

Questions have always been raised over Bihar’s education system, but this also raises a question on educational institutions and the buildings associated with them.

Students residing at the hostel narrowly escaped the collapse because they went back to their homes during the lockdown. Imagine if students had been studying or sleeping in their rooms, they would have lost their lives. Who would have taken responsibility?

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