Modi Turns Babari Mosque  Into Mandir

Prime Minister and RSS leader Modi laid foundation of the Mandir at Babri Mosque at the moment when the oppressed Kashmiris were staging protest against Indian government for anti-Kashmir and anti-Muslim laws.  

NEW DEHLI: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-August 5th, 2020) In another dent on Muslim minority in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid first brick at part of Babari Mosque in Ayodhia today.

Narendra Modi visited the site for the first time as Prime Minister and inaugurated “Mandir” at the site of the mosque.

Millions of Muslims across India and in neighboring countries including Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh expressed sorrow and grief over the illegal and unlawful act of Narendra Modi and slammed him and his government for violating minorities rights.

The orthodox hindus were excited over the discriminatory act of Prime Minister Modi’s government at Ayodhia. The mosque was built by General Baqi in 1528-29 on order of Mughal Emperor Babur. In 1992, extremist Hindus attacked the mosque and demolished it. The Hindus as came into power they created hurdles in the way of Muslims.

Last year, India’s top court rejected all appeals moved by Muslims against demolition of Babari mosque and allowed Modi government to take control of the mosque. It was an unlawful decision against the Constitution of India as the Muslim appellants were not heard.

Prime Minister Modi and other Hindu of RSS were present there on the occasion when the mosque was again turned into temple. Mohan Bhagwat, RSS Chief, addressed the inaugural ceremony at the site.

The development came at the moment when millions of Muslims across India were protesting against anti-Muslim laws and Kashmiris were protesting against anti-Kashmir laws.

On August 5, Indian government led by Narendra Modi stripped away special status of Occupied Kashmir and took it into its direct control by depriving oppressed Kashmiris of their rights and right to self-determination.

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