Pak Hindus fear more attacks after temple stone laying in Ayodhya | Chandigarh News

Amritsar: Barely two days after Islamabad objected to the construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, the killing of a young Hindu businessman in Sindh province of Pakistan has panicked the minority Hindu community, which foresees more such hate attacks after the laying of foundation stone for the temple on August 5.
“Hindu community is vulnerable in Pakistan, our young girls are forcibly converted to Islam and married to Muslim men, and now in reaction to the construction of Ram Mandir in India, the fundamentalists have started targeting Hindu businessmen to create mass panic among Hindus, so they start fleeing Pakistan,” said a Pakistani Sindhi Hindu talking to TOI on Saturday. He pleaded not to give his name for security reasons.
He said on Friday, a Sindhi Hindu businessman Raja Kishan Chand was murdered by fundamentalists at Khairpur Mir, while a couple of days ago, an attempt was made on the life of another Hindu Manik Mal, whose life was saved but he sustained injuries.
Notably, Pakistan’s foreign office had on July 28 stated that while the world is grappling with the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, the “RSS-BJP combine” is advancing the “Hindutva” agenda. After Babri mosque demolition, there had been widespread vandalism of Hindu temples and attacks on Hindus in Pakistan.
“I am forced to think that there is a conspiracy to force Hindus to leave Sindh. Some people in Pakistan don’t want Sindhi Hindus to live in Sindh anymore. The kidnapping of our girls, conversion of their faith, putting innocent poor Hindus’ houses on fire, land grabbing and now killing of Hindu traders are all part of a bigger conspiracy to instil fear in the hearts of the minority community,” said a UK-based Pakistani Sindhi Hindu, who also requested anonymity fearing backlash on his relatives still living in Sindh.
He went on to say that deliberately a hiatus is being created between Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs taking benefit of a few elements among Sikhs, who speak against India and favour its disintegration. “Hindus and Sikhs were never two, we, here in UK, insist on Hindu-Sikh unity, yet a few Khalistanis push their own separatist agenda,” he said.
A Karachi based Hindu leader said that on July 24, a 14-year-old Hindu girl Kariman Bheel was abducted by a 30-year-old Muslim Mohammad Rafiq and was forcibly converted to Islam to become Rahima. Sources informed that the family of the girl had filed a case of kidnapping, but police have not reacted so far.

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