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Kathmandu: The visionary Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in the early 1070s had very rightly predicted that the emergence of Bangladesh in South Asia would be the second “Pakistan” for the Indian regime.

Prime Minister Bhutto was speaking correct.

Recalled late J. N. Dixit, former Indian foreign Secretary in his famous voluminous book “My South Block Years” that when the Pakistani Prime Minister Bhutto landed in Dhaka on an official visit, he as the Indian Ambassador posted then in Dhaka too went to greet PM Bhutto at the International Airport as per a normal diplomatic practice.

On his way back to office of the Indian High Commission in Dhaka from the Airport, writes J. N. Dixit, his car was hit by several worn and tattered shoes thrown by Bangladeshi nationals who had lined up in the Dhaka streets to greet the Pakistani Prime Minister Bhutto.

Dixit says that somehow or the other he saved his life. The hatred against India had right begun after the emergence of Bangladesh? This has some meaning.

So this is what has been penned by the diplomat of a country which made all the needed efforts for the bifurcation of Pakistan which gave birth to a new nation in South Asia-Bangladesh.

Dixit’s puzzle is logical in that the Indian diplomat must have in his mind that the common Bangladeshi nationals should have lauded the kind assistance/sponsorship of India for their country’s birth, however, that was not forthcoming which is what the veteran Indian diplomat experienced himself.

What went wrong then against India in Bangladesh?

Lucidly explains Mohammad Zainal Abedin, an American researcher, author and former Mukti Bahini guerrilla leader at a think tank seminar held in Islamabad recently wherein the Bangladeshi researcher admitted that “trusting India was a grave mistake by the Bengali Muslims as the act, adds Zainal Abedin, converted East Pakistan into Bangladesh, which later became an Indian proxy state”.

Brilliant explanation indeed.

The American academic did not stop here. He had so many things to add to the description of the South Asian monster-Indian Republic born 1947.

Zainal authentically claims that the Indian intelligence agency, RAW, is actively involved in destabilizing the neighboring South Asian states in order to gain control over them and the region as well.

And he is correct in that “the presumably paid and the declared RAW assets in Nepal have begun a frontal attack on the sitting Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and have been demanding the PM’s immediate resignation.

PM Oli’s fault is that he has been able to recover the India swallowed up Nepali lands in the nation’s political and the administrative map.

However, the land still is under Indian occupation and the Indian regime out of resentment with the Nepal Prime Minister’s adventure and courage has been abruptly refusing to sit in for bilateral dialogue to sort out the land issue with Nepal.

The Indian refusal to come to the negotiating table is learnt to be the unavailability of the authentic documents to prove that the land thus occupied belonged to the Indian Union.

Nepal is confident simply because all the necessary documents and proofs are in its possession and has over these weeks been requesting India to attend to the bilateral talks at the desired diplomatic level.

India moreover is angered over the unprecedented unity bagged this time by Prime Minister Oli at time of the Parliamentary ratification of the said political and the administrative map of this nation.

However, this unity appears to have been deliberately fractured by pumping in money by the RAW agency, as Zainal Abedin claims, in order to gain control over the politics of Nepal which as per the India’s unapologetically nationalist balderdash media, this Himalayan nation has inched closer to the Chinese regime-the arch rival of India.

Even if it is so then who pushed Nepal to the Chinese fold?

India prefers a regime in Nepal which is submissive and subservient to the Indian command.

And luckily, India has trained and indoctrinated some Nepali nationals who have in a collective manner chasing the ailing Nepal Prime Minister KP Oli.

They were the ones who spent some good ten years or so In Delhi enjoying the RAW hospitality.

India preferred and trained HORSES are ready in Nepal for serving the Indian prime interests.

This should be a matter of Himalayan shame to the selected “Horses”.

China is watching the India’s arm-twisting behavior from day one.

Whatever may have been the case, the RAW agency is engaged, as authentically said by Zainal Abedin, in gaining control over Nepal by bringing its trusted and tested allies at work to destabilize PM Oli’s set up.

Rumors have it that all the yes men of Delhi have converged at a point in order to unseat PM Oli.

Understandably, PM Oli is having hard times in Nepal.

Granted, PM Oli’s administration is not only inept in handling the governance but also has been found engaged in several “high corruption” cases.

The demand for his ouster by the common people and “interested quarters” as well appear genuine, however, matured observers believe that PM Oli’s ouster at this critical time must be averted for some obvious political reasons. The timing of the resignation demand of PM Oli by his detractors is inappropriate.

Oli’s ouster shall mean turning Nepal into a protectorate. And that’s it.

The Bangladeshi author while addressing the Islamabad seminar also appealed the entire countries of South Asian region “not to trust India and instead, they should form a united alliance of the South Asian countries to prevent New Delhi from exploiting, subjugating or oppressing them”.

He made these somewhat frightening remarks at a webinar held under the aegis of the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), an Islamabad-based think tank.

The topic of the Seminar was, ‘India: Past, Present & Future: Perceptions of the Muslim World’.

Zainal Abedin, who has authored several books to his credit says that “the Hindu extremist ideology led to the killing of hundreds of thousands of Muslim in 1947, looting of Bangladesh by Hindu extremists after 1971, subsequently led the BJP to destroy Babri mosque and in 2002 allowed Narendra Modi to once again slaughter thousands of Muslims in the Gujarat massacre.

While addressing the same Islamabad seminar the President of the Azad Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan declared India an artificial state, which, he said, has never existed as one state with the current territory and was unified only by the Muslims first and later by the British.

Masood Khan further stated that India was currently waging three wars; one against its minorities inside its own borders, the second one against Kashmiris in the occupied territory of Kashmir and the third one against all its neighbors.

President Khan delivering his key note address also made an appeal wherein he demanded that the OIC (Organization of the Islamic Cooperation) member States boycott Indian goods and impose economic sanctions.

Sardar Masood called India the biggest hurdle to the progress of SAARC and regional economic integration.

The SAARC body stands dead at the moment, for the record.

What has drawn the attention of the Nepali observers is the idea floated by the Bangladeshi scholar Zainal Anedin wherein he suggests the formation a sort of coalition of the countries of the South Asian region excluding the Indian union.

The South Asian coalition he proposes for the countries like, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran Bangladesh, and the the Maldives.

Zainal’s selection of the countries in the South Asian coalition is basically the majority Muslim countries.

Here the Bangladeshi researcher is at fault. He takes Sri Lanka and Nepal for granted that these two countries were Indo-pendent ones. He is incorrect in that Sri Lanka and Nepal are the two countries who have not been less pained by the barbaric Indian regime.

The coalition would be more meaningful if Sri Lanka and Nepal too were included in the coalition of the South Asian nations as proposed by Zainal Abedin-the B’deshi scholar.

Make it more broaden and not confine the coalition in the limits of religion, say matured Nepali observers.

Also participating in the Islamabad webinar was Professor Haroon Khatibi, a senior official of Kabul-based think tank Center for Strategic and Regional Studies (CSRS). He was of the view that the current rise of Far-Right extremism globally has hit the US and India the most. The exclusionist RSS and its offshoots including BJP in India want every Indian to become a Hindu, he added.

Veteran Saudi media man and South Asia analyst Khaled Almaeena called upon the Muslims of the world to unite, seek knowledge and globally promote their story with logic and clarity, in order to be taken seriously by the major powers.

Yet another participant from Nigeria, Scholar Dr Bakare Najimdeen warned the audience against the international Islamophobia project to systematically dehumanize and victimize Islam and the Muslims.

American Muslim scholar Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid said that RSS is just like ISIS and the reality of Hindu extremists cannot be hidden behind peaceful symbols like Gandhi, Taj Mahal and vegetarianism anymore.

By the way Gandhi is now being taken as number one Racist.

Executive President of the IPS Khalid Rahman termed RSS as the world’s largest terrorist organization, which is internationally exploiting Indian economic clout and secular and democratic outlook to promote its expansionist agenda.

Concluding remarks: Writes the Swedish Professor Ashok Swain that “before giving sermons to China about Human Rights in Hong Kong, India should look at its own conduct in Kashmir-Human Rights is still thousand times much better in Hong Kong than in Kashmir”. That’s all. (News source: Deshperdesh, The News International; The Daily Pakistan Global; and the Daily Star). Ed.

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